Rainbow Sensory Bottle

I’ve spent many hours fascinated by the movement of this rainbow sensory bottle, especially the way the baby oil moved through the water beads. Take a look at this video link Rainbow sensory bottle (Instagram)

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Baking Fairy Cakes

Baking fairy cakes with your children is an exciting experience for them. Not only do they spend quality time with you they also learn how to put together ingredient to make a yummy treat.

Here is a simple guide how to make fairy cakes and how you can involve your children. Continue reading “Baking Fairy Cakes”

St David’s Day Activities

Many people across the country and in wales celebrate St David’s Day – the first patron saint celebration of the year. This falls every year on the 1st March.

Take a look at some of the ideas I have to involve children in celebrating St Davids Day…

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Valentines Day Activities

Help your children understand what Valentines day is all about. Teach children about the love, friendship, kindness, and inclusion we have for each other.  friendship, kindness, and inclusion.  Continue reading “Valentines Day Activities”