Planting Area

After making this colourful planting area I’ve decided to share how simple this was to make. Take a look at how I created this..

Colourful Fence


Materials needed
  • Wooden fence
  • Wood/outdoor furniture paint

If you’re handy with woodwork you could just create your own fence. I bought mine from Amazon. I then got my garden paint from Homebase I used the Cuprinol brand of paint.

Plant pot stand

Materials needed
  • Wooden pallet
  • Wood/outdoor furniture paint
  • Saw
  • Sand paper

cut down the pallet to make it smaller, sand down the wood to make this smoother before painting the pallet.

Wooden Tiles

  • Wooden tiles
  • Wood/outdoor furniture paint

I found these wooden tiles in the poundland I then used the same paint to paint each tile to create the walkway to the plant pot stand.

Finishing Touches

Add some extra bits to make this area inviting.

  • Watering can
  • Windmill
  • Bird feeding station
  • Plastic (child friendly) gardening tools
  • Handing plant pots
  • Coloured plants
  • Laminated pictures of garden animals
Finished Planting Area