St Patrick’s Day Activities

St Patrick's day

St Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March.

Here are some activities and ideas to involve children in celebrating St Patrick’s Day..

Cooking Ideas

Try making some fairy cakes, using green cake cases and buttercream. They are simple and quick to make. Click the following link for a guide on How to make Fairy cakes

Here are some other ideas for Cooking.



  • Sensory tray – dye some rice and pasta green mix them up the add some green toys/items
  • Make green themed sensory bottles
  • Make Rainbow streamers
  • Dressing up in green
  • Make your own leprechaun hat
  • Create your own Shamrock
  • Rainbow rice and fishing for gold

  • Fill a pot with Sand and bury some gold in there for children to find
  • Draw your own rainbow and pot of gold
  • Make your own Irish flag
  • Learn some Irish dance moves and teach them to the children
  • Make up a pairs game (print out some Irish pictures)