Role Play Ideas

Dressing Up Ideas

Here are some role play ideas to support your child’s imagination.

Dress up and act out our favourite characters from story books – Make up your own outfits using different materials. Become a Doctor, Vet, Builder, Superhero

Use other props – Make your own props using cardboard, sticks and other materials you have around. 

Using technology – Remote controls, Phones, Computers, shop tills, cause and effect toys.

Shop – keep and clean empty food boxes and containers. Create your own little shop, use pennies to buy from the shop.

School – set up a table and chairs with pens, paper calculator, computer/laptop. Extend the play and have a P.E lesson using a music player to do dance.

Pretend cooking – Use real foods such as a pasta, rice, carrots, apples and bananas. Give children plastic knifes and encourage them to cut up their fruit.

Cafe – Use plastic knifes, forks, plates and cups. Put an old blanket down on the table to make it more appealing. Add some real chopped up foods and ask for cups of tea.

Police/Fire  Station – Use a big box as a police car, then cut out some wheels. Encourage children to decorate them with crayons, paint, glue and paper.  Make some police helmets and other props for added effect.