How to: Making Coloured Rice

Making Coloured Rice

Making coloured rice allows you to create interesting activities which can support children’s development. These cover different areas of the EYFS…

Materials Needed

  • Rice
  • Food Colouring
  • Lidded food container
  • Tray/plates

Step 1 – Rice

First place the rice into the  container.

You can encourage the child to do this step using a small cup, a spoon or just pouring it in.

Then choose the colour you or the child wishes to start with.


Step 2 – Colouring

Add a few drops of the food colour to the rice.

Step 3 –

Place the lid on the container and Shake well.

Encourage the child to shake the container, young children will enjoy the sound this makes.

Step 4 –

Place the coloured rice onto a tray or plate to allow to dry. This should take 1-3 hours to dry depending on how much food colouring was used.