Water Beads Sensory Bottle

water beads bottle

Here are simple instructions on how to make your very own water beads sensory bottle

Materials Needed

  • A water bottle with a secure lid
  • Water beads
  • A jug of water

Step 1- Beads

Place the beads into the bottle, you can use a funnel if you like to avoid the beads not making it into the bottle.

Children will enjoy this part so be sure you include them.

Step 2 -water

Add some water into the bottle, start off with a small amount and add more as the beads expand.

Keep adding more beads and water until you have as much as you like in there.

Remember that the beads can take some time to expand to their full size so don’t over to the amount of beads in the bottle, or you’ll find yourself taking more beads out the bottle to allow it to move.

Step 3 – water bead bottle

when all the beads have reached their full size you can add a little more water to create a different look for the beads.

Or you can have no extra water, depending on how you would like it to look.

If you have older children that can take the lid off the bottle I would advise that you secure the lid using glue or sellotape.

Remember to include children in the process of making the bottle so they can look at how the beads change when they are wet.