Outdoors play -Fairy House

Walk in the park

This week we have been busy with lots of crafts and outdoors play. throughout the week we have been expanding our ideas and making props for our stories….

An afternoon walk

Walk in the park


First we explored the park and found this walkway so we went down to have a look. Along the way we found some sticks that we used in our made up story along the way.




Then we found this forest area, where other people had started to build a den.  We stayed and added more sticks. We then collected small sticks and started to build a fairy house at a nearby tree.


Follow on activities

Next we made our own fairy garden items such as  a bridge, gates, washing line, tables, sign posts and a swing.

We then used the items to make our  own fairy house in the garden.  We used the Blue stones as water and found other natural things about the garden to use.   Then we drew our very own fairies to go in our houses.



We had so much fun making these, we listened to each other shared ideas, and used  some of them in our own Fairy houses.