Water Play

During the warm weather we have enjoyed a range of water play activities. Take a look at what we have been up to and enjoy these at home with your little ones.

Activity 1

We added the water-beads to water and watched them grow. When they had grown we then tried to catch them with out hands to separate them from the water. We found this was difficult so we used the jug and sieve to catch them all.

This activity kept the children entertained for ages, this was great for encouraging children to pour using the jug.

Activity 2

With this activity the children used the jugs to fill up the watering cans then they went off to water the plants.

Adding the balls made the water play more inviting and following from the children’s imagination they created their own game to see how many they could scoop out using the jugs.

Activity 3

Add some foamy letters the the water.

The younger children found sticks and started mixing up the letters and turned this into letter soup.

The older children were recognising letters of their name and wrote their name and words they recognised.

Activity 4

The children searched through the animals together and found all the animals that live in water.

The children then  played with the water animals before adding in the rest of the animals to see which ones floated and which ones sank to the bottom.

They then used a container with holes in to make a shower for them.

Activity 5

This activity was meant to be just soapy foam, which you can buy from from any main food shopping place (e.g Sainsbury, ASDA) . The children explored this for a short amount of time before adding it to the water area.

After exploring the soapy foam with their hands the children went on to find sticks to mix it up. This activity kept them busy for a long time even after leaving this activity for snack time. the children enjoyed going back out to play some more.

Water play is a great experience for children, it allows them to experiment, with textures, use jugs that lead to independently pouring their own drinks and input their own ideas and expand on other peoples ideas.