Weather Conditions Policy

Weather Conditions Policy

This policy covers all types of weather conditions. The children’s safety is most important, and will never be in a situation that could cause harm or distress. EYFS states “Providers must provide access to an outdoor play area or, if that is not possible, ensure that outdoor activities are planned and taken on a daily basis (unless circumstances make this inappropriate, for example unsafe weather conditions).”

Cold & Wet Conditions

During the colder & wet weather conditions children will still have access to the outdoor environment for play and routine outings, depending on the severity of the weather.

    • Children will be wrapped up warm in appropriate clothing. Parents to provide hat, scarf, coat, gloves, wet/snowsuit – Suitable warm clothing
    • During routine outings babies and young children in the pushchair will be covered with blankets/ foot/leg warmers.
    • Rain cover will be used to shield the rain and cold wind chill.
    • Older children will be encouraged to move around, running, skipping, jumping to keep warm during outdoor times.

In the event that taking children out in strong wind and rain becomes a safety concern I will inform parents as soon as possible that I will be remaining indoors.

Icy & Snow Conditions

During icy weather I will assess the roads and pavements and make a decision whether it would be safe to take the children out. These decisions will be based on the following

    • Walking children can manage this without difficulty.
    • Buggy can move safely.
    • The children currently in my care.

If during the outing things become difficult we would head back and discontinue the outing.

In the event that I decide it will be unsafe to take children out I will contact parents as soon as possible to inform them. This may result in being unable to get a child to school or collect them.

Children love playing out in the snow. This opens up a whole new experience for them. So during snowy weather we will be spending time outdoors making snowmen. I have wet-suits available for children to wear during these times. Parents should bring, coats, wellies, extra socks, hats, scarfs, gloves for them to join in with the experience.

I will consider the following when assessing safety:

    • Coldness
    • Ice
    • Suitable clothing
    • Time we spend outdoors
    • Health

Children that don’t bring suitable outdoor clothing will be supplied with what I have available. In the event I have nothing available children will be unable to join outdoor play and will become very cold during routine outings.

Other information

If I decide routine outings are unsafe for myself or the children alternative arrangements will need to be made in order for school children to attend school. This will be the parents responsibility to arrange, otherwise a full day fee will be charged for their days care.

In the event an accident should happen I will follow my accident and emergency policy

Should weather forecast or emergency services advise to stay indoors we will stay inside.