Risk Assessment

The risk assessment policy keeps children safe whilst allowing them to take measured risks. This supports their learning and development in a safe environment.

In order to do this I will make sure that I:

  • Check my home and garden every morning before the children arrive to ensure that the environment is safe for children to play and explore.
  • Assess any risks in the environment where  children play and explore, such as the parks, library, shops and school runs.
  • Risk assess in advance if I take the children into an area unknown to me so I am aware of any potential hazards.
  • Assess any transport and take action where necessary to minimise any incidents or accidents.

Where appropriate I have written risk assessments these would be:

    • Routine outings
    • The settings environment (each room and garden)
    • New places to visit.
    • Public transport

Risk assessment/management will include looking at these different areas:

    • What are the Hazards
    • Who maybe harmed and how
    • What is already in place
    • Any further action
    • Date completed or frequency of checks

Risk assessments will be renewed if there is a significant change or new equipment.

My activities will be well planned and organised. I will plan for the unique needs of each child’s development depending on their age and stage of development, allowing children to freely explore and play, develop concepts and learn how to predict and avoid dangerous situations.