When taking children out of the setting it is essential that proper planning is done to ensure the safety and welfare of all children involved. Before leaving I will assess the following information:

    • Written parental permission for all routine outings before starting the setting
    • Written permission for special event outings before the outing

Routine outings include:

  • Trips to the local shops including Sainsbury and sou rounding areas in Selly Oak
  • Visit to the local park including the play area
  • Pick up from any Local schools

Special outings include:

  • Shopping in other areas e.g Northfield, city centre ect. 
  • Trips to Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.
  • Other attractions such as sea life centre, chocolate factory.

I will ensure I have everything needed during outing:

    • First aid kit
    • Nappies
    • Wipes
    • Mobile phone (with children’s contact details)
    • Drinks
    • Healthy snack
    • Change of clothes
    • Suitable clothing for occasion
    • Medication, inhaler
    • Recent Photo of children
    • Pushchair

During an outing children will, be strapped in a pushchair, have a safety harness or hold hands depending on the age and stage of development.

In the event we go on an outing requiring public transport I will plan and risk assess the journey and I will always seek parent permission.

Due to the high number of dogs in the local park children will be encouraged to stand close to me or walk slowly.  I will encourage children to say hello providing I know the dog if friendly.