Lost Child Policy

The care of your child is Paramount and I always have plans and risk assessments to ensure they remain safe in my care.

In the event that a child becomes lost in a busy place I will follow this procedure:

    • I will immediately raise the alarm to all people around me gain the help of everyone to look for them
    • I will provide everyone involved with a description of the child as well as showing a picture of the child that I will carry with me on all outings.
    • I will reassure the other children that are with me as they may become distressed.
    • I will alert the police and provide a picture and a full description
    • I will then contact the parents of the missing child
    • An incident form will be completed when appropriate or as we return home. Parents will be informed even if the child is found before notifying police or parents.
    • I will contact Ofsted within 14 days

I take strict precautions to avoid situations like this happening by following the Outings Policy and Procedures.