Illness & Infectious Disease

As I work alone it is my responsibility to keep the children safe when in my care. To promote good health and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection within my setting and while I am off site.

Child sickness

If a child has a cold or infection that’s being treated with antibiotics and is not infectious they may still attend the setting.

I can administer:

    • Calpol with prior written permission from parents. (see Medicine policy)
    • Prescribed antibiotics & cream with written permission (see Medicine policy)

Child Illness & Infectious Disease

Some illnesses and infections that require exclusions from the setting are:

    • Chicken Pox – Usually 5-7 days) till all blisters have dried
    • Vomiting and Diarrhea – 48 hours after last symptom
    • Impetigo – 48 hours after starting antibiotics or when the patches dry out and crust over (if you do not get treatment)
    • Meningitis septicaemia & bacteria – until recovered
    • Mumps – 5 days after onset of swelling
    • Scarlet Fever -2-3 weeks or 48 hours after appropriate antibiotics
    • Whooping Cough – 2 days from starting antibiotics or 21 with no antibiotics

If a child becomes unwell while in my care, or whom I believe has an infectious illness or disease I will:

    • Contact the parents to arrange for the immediate collection of the child
    • Exclude the child from my setting until they have been well for 48 hours, or in accordance with Health Authority guidelines.

If I believe a child in my setting is suffering from a disease or illness which requires notification I will inform the parents/guardians of my concerns and act on advice given by Public Health England as to when they will be able to return to my setting. I will also inform Ofsted of any action taken.

If I, or one of the members of my family, has a confirmed infectious disease, I will inform parents as soon as I am able, and I will have to close the setting for the required exclusion time.

I will inform the parents of the other children in my setting if a child I care for has a diagnosed infectious disease.


    • I make sure all adults and children in my setting are aware of good hand-washing procedures, before eating or handling food and after using the toilet and being outside.
    • I always make sure there is a supply of tissues available for children.
    • Children have clean bedding regularly or if bedding becomes soiled
    • I immediately clean up any spillage of body fluids using a disposable cloth and gloves.
    • I wear disposable gloves for changing nappies. I will discard these gloves after each change.
    • Baby changing mat is cleaned with antibacterial wipes after every use
    • Toys and equipment are regularly cleaned and checked for damage
    • Children use clean flannels or disposable wipes to clean faces after meals.
    • Children have their own towels for drying their hands