Health and Safety

I follow the Health and safety requirements laid out in the EYFS Framework, and Health and Safety Executive. This is to make sure the children kept safe at all times.

    • Children will be offered toys suitable for their age and stage of development
    • A visual risk assessment will be carried out each morning before children arrive to ensure the environment is safe. (see Risk assessment and outings policy)
    • All gardening equipment is locked in the shed, and plants and hedges are cut back and monitored frequently.
    • All furniture/equipment and toys will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they’re safe for children to use (see Illness & Infectious Disease Policy)
    • Appropriate safety equipment will be used while children are in my care and checked regularly, stair gates, cupboard locks, plug socket covers and banister netting
    • Smoke alarms are tested regularly and Procedures are in place in the event of a fire (see Accident, Incident and Emergency Policy)
    • The front door will always be locked to prevent children from opening the door to strangers, or getting out onto the road
    • Kitchen will be kept clean and children will have no unauthorised access to the kitchen. I have Food Safety and Catering level 2 training. I will inform Ofsted of 2 or more cases of food poisoning within 14 days
    • Younger children will be strapped in a pushchair, older children will have either a wrist strap, harness or holding onto the pushchair or hand (See Outings Policy)
    • I will teach children the importance of keeping safe in different situations, road safety, kitchen areas, stranger danger
    • I will teach children about the importance of making healthy food choices and taking part in physical exercise
    • Children sleeping will be monitored regularly a baby monitor will be in place if in a separate room.