Behaviour Management

In order to provide a safe and caring environment I have some boundaries that children are expected to follow, these rules ensure that all children are treated fairly. To help the children understand my house rules I will ensure that:

    • I am consistent in enforcing the rules
    • What I expect from the children is reasonable and achievable depending on age and stage of development
    • I make myself clear, giving explanations of what behaviours are unacceptable and why
    • I am a good role model at all time
    • I listen to what the children have to say
    • I reward good behaviour
    • I promote positive behaviours

There are many ways to deal with children’s behaviours I will use different strategies depending on which one works best with the child.

    • Distraction – to remove the child from the situation by engaging them in alternative activities.
    • Discuss – If the child is able to understand I will discuss their behaviour getting them to appreciate the consequences of their actions
    • Time to reflect – removing the child from the situation and giving them some quiet time for a few minutes, this will be either sitting alongside me or reading a story

I will never threaten or use physical punishment which could affect a child’s well-being.

If your child has any difficult behaviours I will contact you and let you know either through calling you or talking with you on collection, so we can work together through this behaviour as quickly as possible, I will also inform you of how I dealt with the situation at the time.

There may be times when I need to physically intervene or restrain a child to prevent a child from harming themselves or others. In the rare event that this should happen I will inform the child’s parents on collection, this could be when a child has or is about to bite, hit or scratch another child or about to run into a road. I will always record and keep any incidents.

In the event that a child should be hurt by another child I will:

  • Comfort the child that is hurt,  fill out an accident form and share this with the parent on collection. I will fill out an incident form and share this with the parent on collection.
  • I will speak to the other child, fill out an incident form and share this with the parent on collection. In the case of a serious incident parents will be contacted as soon as possible and asked to collect the child.